Logixa LP is a company, which operates in different fields of business and operates in China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and some European countries.

Logixa LP specializes in different areas of business.

The main area of activity of the company is the import and the sales of diffetent automobile spare parts, including automobile tires.

Beside this, Logixa LP operates in the field of the import and the sales of construction materials and equipment. Beside this, the company offers the import and the sales of food and also transportation issues.Our company has a lot of partners for example RAF-AUTO LLC , QALA MEYVE İDXALAT-İXRACAT LLC and etc..

In the field of the automobile parts, our company offers the production from many countries, like from China, Hong Kong,  UAE and  some European countries and realizes in Azerbaijan and  Russia. Our company also works in the area of logistica in Turkey. Our company also imports food products from Azerbaijan and sales in Russia.