Avtotəkər (R.A.F. Avto MMC)  is a company based in Baku since 2007, at the str. Aga Neymatulla 79. Avtotəkər (R.A.F. Avto MMC) has been selling and balancing tires.

  On the lead market for sale as wholesale and retail. The number of employees are 12. Our company works with various international firms.

Some of the main partners of our company are «ZAFCO», «SANA AL KHALEEJ», «GULF COASTS CO» LLC, «METRO TYRE TRADING», «Al Musbah», which operate in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), as well as «AUFINE GROUP GO »,« HENGYU TECHNOLOGY GROUP »operating in Qingdao (China). Goods arriving by sea to Iran (Bandar Abbas), and then arrives in Baku. Our website allows for quick and easy search of new tires. If you want to buy tires at a good price, then take a benefit from your precious time to visit our web site