Tire fitting

Tire banancing

Tire and disc repair

The secret of good service is the quality of the services provided and accuracy of the equipment. Unfortunately, the shinshaft workshops owners do not properly check the condition of the equipment. In addition, "roadside servises "using unusable equipment.

For example, Hoffmann's balance. They have even the norms that do not exceed 5 grams. And if the error is allowed in the rule. If it exceeds, responsible companies are immediately released from this equipment, and in most cases garage and roadside shrinkage at a very low price. But it's wrong the bench shows incorrect results and may need to be re-balanced.

Car tires it is exposed to constant loads and undamaged tires are faded more quickly and are subject to traffic accidents cause. Therefore, when choosing a bus station professionals and their professionalism. Radius company, experienced in the most up-to-date equipment offers a shinmasting service by professionals. Radius is a modern service center experts, high quality consumables while performing shinning jobs use. Due to high-quality shinarm, the chassis's expiration period increases,comfort  indicators and generally all the exploits of the car are improving. To the car service is carried out under the registration of video surveillance cameras. Employee professionalism,our customers, using modern materials, best repair tools and equipment we provide premium level shuttle service! Radius is implemented in tire center all shinshipment work is guaranteed.

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